Sorry for the late posts the past few weeks. I’ve been slammed with a pretty tight deadline two projects in a row and I seem to rarely know what day it is until halfway through the day.

Of Chapter 8 (currently running) only two pages remain unfinished so if I can find the time to upload and schedule the comics, we won’t have any more late posts until at least May.

I’d hoped to get them done in time but I’ve had no spare time since November. Page 153 needed a few background details inked (I’ll replace it once it’s done though you might not think it unfinished as is) and todays page needs some sound effects from the TV (it looks like they are watching TV with the sound off!). It’ll probably take me an hour to do, but that hour won’t be available until the end of the month.

I thought it best to run them as is rather than be late and hold up the rest of the schedule.

I’ll let you know when the finished pages have been subbed in so you can see the difference!