WAHOO MORRIS is currently being published as a series of digest size trade paperback collections. The first volume is available now, and the next volume is being serialized on-line one page a week before it’s publication in Fall of 2008.

E.P. Series (Extended Play) 2006 to present…


But before that, Wahoo Morris began as a black & white comic book series. Launching June 24 1998, there were 3 issues published by Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics before a move to IMAGE COMICS. The Image series was cancelled after a single issue reprint of the first self-published issue and the series lay fallow for a few years until it was re-launched on the web. Wahoo Morris returned to comics in the summer of 2005 for a single issue before the decision to go with a web comic to trade paperback publishing model.

The Singles *Volume 1 – 1998 – 1999* *Image Comics – 2000* *Volume 2 – 2005*

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